What is QuickBooks Error Code 15311?

When users download or install the QuickBooks programme, they will encounter the QuickBooks update error code 15311. Thus, it’s possible that users won’t be capable to update the application. On the screen, they can also see the following error message:

“QuickBooks update cannot be finished successfully.”
“Can’t connect to QuickBooks payroll”.

Reason for QuickBooks Error Code 15311

The user must be aware of the cause of QuickBooks Error code 15311. Discover about them in order to prevent similar circumstances in the future:

    • A corrupted QB file was downloaded or installed by the user.
    • Your computer is infected with viruses and malware.
    • The Windows registry is harmed.
    • There is an incomplete QB installation or the QuickBooks files are missing.
    • In order to protect users, QuickBooks Desktop’s features are being restricted by third-party security software.
    • Due to security concerns, Windows firewalls may also interfere with QuickBooks’ functionality.

Signs of QuickBooks Error code 15311

Understanding the signs of this error might make fixing QuickBooks Error Code 15311 a lot easier. When encountering this error, you might observe the following:

    • When this issue occurs, the active window collapses.
    • The Windows OS is sluggish and unresponsive to inputs.
    • Sporadically, the computer also hangs.

How to fix QuickBooks Error code 15311?

The following are some of the best fixes for the QuickBooks Update Error code 15311:

Solution 1: Install digital signature certificate after downloading

A digital signature certificate is used to certify the originality of any application. When QuickBooks connects to the update server, a suitable digital signing certificate is required to authenticate the program’s legitimacy. When there is a problem with the digital signature certificate of the QuickBooks Desktop programme, the update server refuses to let QuickBooks download the updates, resulting in error code 15311.

    • Access Windows File Manager and then click on the QuickBooks Installation Directory – Follow this path: C:\Program Files(x86)
    • Search for the QBW32.exe file after that. Right-click the file and choose properties.
    • Enter “Digital Signature” and then Details>View Certificate > General.
    • The user will have the option to Install Certificate. They can access the import wizard window by selecting this option.
    • Access the Store location menu item by selecting the ongoing user.
    • then complete the procedure and import.
    • Different approach should be used if it doesn’t fix the problem.

Solution 2: Examine the Internet Explorer settings to ensure they are correct

    • To begin, ensure that Internet Explorer is configured as the primary browser.
    • Then, check to see that the data and timing are configured appropriately.
    • Then, double-click on the time display to correct the date and time if necessary. If the time zone is incorrect, correct it as well.
    • Check the encryption strength
    • To enter the menu bar, use the alt key and then click the file choice to pick properties.
    • Finally, search for the number under connection, and then phrase bit connection. Now, adjust the settings by heading to Tools, and then to Internet choices.
    • Then, remove all temporary files. Then, under connections, choose LAN settings.
    • Lastly, check the box to identify settings automatically. Keep the proxy servers blank if you don’t wish to utilize either of them.
    • Read down in the advanced tab and check the SSL 2.0 & SSL 3.0 boxes.
    • Finally, the user must validate the publisher’s certificate. Following that, users must go down the list & deselect TLS2.0. It will fix the problem.

QuickBooks Desktop connects to online services via Internet Explorer, and thus is limited in its ability to connect to the internet.
You may see an error as : Access Denied


Create a copy of the file before the troubleshooting steps

Step 1: To upgrade QuickBooks Desktop, press the Ctrl+Shift keys simultaneously and double-click on the QuickBooks desktop icon. Don’t let go of the keys until the “No Company Open” popup appears.

    • Navigate to Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop…
    • Choose the Update Now tab at the top and then click Get Updates.
    • When Update is finished, click Close.

Step 2: Find and open internet explorer

To launch the Run command, press the Windows+R keys together.
Once the Run command is open, enter iexplore and then press OK.

Step 3: Modify the Proxy Server Configuration

To access the Run command, press the Windows+R keys together.
Enter inetcpl.cpl and click OK. The Internet Properties window will appear.
Select the Connections tab.
Uncheck the “Use a proxy server for your LAN checkbox under LAN” Settings (These settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections).
Then press the OK button.

Solution 3: QuickBooks Desktop Updates must be restored.

Rebooting QuickBooks updates deletes any previous updates installed by the user, which can help resolve issues like 15311 if they are caused by a bug in an earlier version.

    • Open QuickBooks Desktop and select Update QuickBooks from the Help menu.
    • Go to the Update Now tab and choose the Reset Updates checkbox.
    • Now, click Get Updates to re-download the application’s updates.
    • After QuickBooks has downloaded the changes, close and reopen it.
    • Return to the Update QuickBooks window and select the Install Now option.
        • Check that the payroll service key is correct. Follow this procedure to accomplish this.
        • Navigate to Employees –> My Payroll Service.
        • Click Manage Service Keys
        • Then, go to Edit & double-check the key.
        • Next, select the Finish option.
        • Finally, restart the computer.
    • If you continue to receive issues when upgrading QuickBooks, proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

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Solution 4: Install the Diagnostic Tool

The diagnostic tool is an excellent approach to fix many QuickBooks issues, including this one. We’ll figure out how to utilize it.
First, get & install the QB tool hub.
Then run this programme and navigate to the installation issues tab.
Then, click the QB install diagnostic tool button, and the utility will automatically seek for and repair issues.

Solution 5: Run the Reboot.bat file to re-register the QuickBooks file.

Close any QuickBooks software that is currently open on your computer.
Navigate to the QuickBooks icon and right-click it.
Select Properties from the drop-down menu.
The Properties window appears.
Select the Open File Location option.
Then click the Reboot button.
bat file located in the QuickBooks folder
Now, right-click on it and select the option. Execute as Administrator
Thereafter, wait for it to finish the registering process, which registers all QuickBooks files.
If the error persists, restart the system and then update QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

Solution 6 : Reinstall QuickBooks in safe mode
    • Enter the Run window by clicking the Windows + R buttons together or by typing Run in the Start menu. Run and press the Enter key
    • The Run window appears on your screen, which is located on the bottom left side of the screen.
    • Type Msconfig into the Run window’s text field and press the Enter key.
    • The System Configuration window appears on your screen.
    • Click the BOOT button on this window.
    • Then a new window appears.
    • Remove the check mark from the Safe boot box.
    • Then click the Apply button to save and dismiss the window, and then click the OK button to apply all of the changes.
    • Give your computer a restart, but it will restart in Safe mode.
    • When you’re finished, run the software to check for any problems.

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