Fixing the Bothersome Error 3371 Error in QuickBooks

Finding workable remedies can be challenging when QuickBooks problem 3371 status code 11118 abruptly appears on a user’s screen. You won’t need to worry because we will explain error 3371 in-depth and show you how to fix it in this article. QuickBooks users typically make this error when they activate the desktop version. As a result, a large number of people look for a repair for “error 3371” online each month. This issue occurs when a user uses an activated license to start QuickBooks on another computer.
On occasion, QuickBooks issue 3371 happens when QuickBooks Desktop is reinstalled on the same PC. Sometimes you see the error message 3371. The reason of the issue may affect the status code you receive.

Meaning of Error 3371 in QuickBooks

When trying to access the QuickBooks application, several technical issues could arise. For instance, a user can get QuickBooks Error 3371 if they have corrupted QB files on their computer. When launching the program right away upon installation, a warning also manifests along with this problem. Files that are corrupted or missing may be the root of this. It has been determined that the primary cause of the same thing occurring in the subtext is corrupted files.

The Main Warning Signs of QuickBooks Error 3371

This section covers the various indicators that QuickBooks Error 3371 may exist in the computer’s software and other hardware.

  • Suddenly, the QuickBooks tools stopped functioning.
  • Even with the most recent version installed, Windows could crash.
  • QB starts to shut down and then reopen on its own.
  • The Home screen becomes unresponsive and freezes.

Factors Contributing to the Error 3371 QB

QuickBooks error code 3371 status code 11118 may be brought on by one or more of the factors mentioned below:

A multitude of causes, including a missing QB extension file, can result in error 3371. Normally, download documents on the hard drive are a secure place to preserve legal information; nevertheless, if this file is corrupted, you could get this kind of error.

  • If your connection to the QuickBooks data file is lost, this error can also show up.
  • Issues with QuickBooks Desktop when attempting to print, mail, or save a PDF.
  • If a Windows update installation is unsuccessful or incomplete, Windows components might continue to be out of date. The result could be QuickBooks Error 3371.
  • An issue with a necessary MSXML Windows OS component for QuickBooks desktop.
  • It is one of the most important Microsoft components that are necessary for the system to run. It could be difficult to access QuickBooks if this file is lost.

Important Things to Think About Before Fixing QB Error 3371

  • Make sure Windows is running the most recent edition.
  • A faulty build of the Windows operating system may be at blame if the problem persists.
  • Users of Right Networks and QuickBooks Enterprise with WebConnect may encounter issue 3371 if they open the file before saving it. Then, it’s necessary to save the company file before importing the.QBO file.

Error 3371 Can Be Fixed in a Few Easy Steps

Step 1: Open the 3371 Error Fix from the QuickBooks Tool Hub by going there.

The goal of the QuickBooks Tool Hub was to handle each problem that QuickBooks frequently encounters. With the use of the tool in the QuickBooks tool hub, the 3371 problem code can be swiftly resolved. You may fix QB error 3371 by following the methods listed below.

  • QuickBooks Desktop can be closed from the taskbar.
  • Launch the QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub after downloading.
  • Download the most recent version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub program.
  • Go to your computer’s downloads and run the QuickBooksToolHub.exe software.
  • Before beginning the installation, agree to the terms and conditions, and then follow the on-screen directions.
  • Now navigate to your desktop and click twice on the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon.
  • Try utilizing the Windows Search tool if you can’t find the icon on the Desktop.

Step 2: Turn Off all Active Programs.

  • Start by gradually closing the desktop version of QuickBooks.
  • Next, halt any running QuickBooks processes.
  • The Run window can be opened by simultaneously pressing the Win and R keys.
  • Then, in the C: Drive area of the Run window, enter the Program Data code and click OK.
  • Launch the Task Manager after this step is complete.
  • Under the processes tab, look for the QB extension file.
  • Once the method is decided, click End Task.
  • Sign up for the program, open QuickBooks, and remove the file extension for the Entitlement file.

Step 3: The ECML File and Entitlement Both Need to be Modified.

  • When someone tries to open your company file in the QuickBooks accounting software, the symptoms of error 3371 frequently appear. It sends a mysterious html file request right away.
  • To open the file on your computer, press and hold the Windows key while also hitting the R key. It will then display the Run window.
  • By selecting the appropriate directory on your computer where QuickBooks saves entitlement information, typing or copying the path C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Clientv8 there, and then clicking the OK button.

The steps for troubleshooting problems for Windows XP users are listed below.

  • Choose “Run” from the “Start” option.
  • After “Open field,” add a command.
  • Because there could be more than one “V” folder, it is preferable to search for the most recent one.
  • The Intuit Entitlement Application Client Version 2 settings for each user located at C:/Documents.
  • After that, click the “OK” button.
  • The issue can be fixed by “deleting the Entitlement DataStore.ecml file” or “reassigning it.”.

Step 4: The Essential Updates Should Be Saved.

If issue 3371 still occurs after following the aforementioned steps, adhere to the straightforward instructions below:

  • After applying the most recent Windows updates, press the Start key.
  • To upgrade Windows, select “Update Windows” after selecting “All Apps.”s.
  • Select “click to update” and click it to look for the most recent updates.
  • If an update is successful, QuickBooks has to be reinstalled.

Step 5: Use the “My Program” Quick Fix feature of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

The steps listed below must be carried out in order to resolve error 3371:

  • Turn off the QuickBooks desktop application first..
  • Next, install the most recent version of QuickBooks Tool Hub ( on your PC.
  • Once that’s completed, start the downloaded extension file
  • After that, agree to and accept the Intuit license’s terms.
  • When the program has been successfully installed on your computer, click Finish.
  • Double clicking the QuickBooks tool hub icon will now launch QuickBooks.
  • Next, choose Quick fix my program from the Program Problems menu.
  • To continue, click the OK tab.
  • Once everything has been completed, stop the process and open QuickBooks to view the data file.

Step 6: To Activate the Install Diagnostic Utility, Use the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  • You may also fix error 3371 by utilizing the diagnostic tool from the QB Tool Centre.
  • The first step in fixing issue 3371 is to get the QuickBooks tool hub file and launch it on your computer.
  • After the utility has been installed, activate it.
  • Next, choose the tab for Installation issues in the Tool Hub.
  • Select the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool after that, and then run it.
To Sum Up

If these techniques do not bear fruit for you, then use the Clean Install Tool from QB to fix the issue for you. We hope that this post was helpful to QuickBooks users who were looking for information on how to fix problem code 3371. We suggest getting help from QuickBooks professionals if you’re still having trouble with issue 3371. For more information on QuickBooks, you can also call +1-855 738 1502 or visit .

Q.1: What does QuickBooks Error Code 3371 indicate?

A: When a user tries to execute the application in QuickBooks, error 3371 during installation appears. Due to error 3371, the license data could not be loaded. A missing or corrupted file can be the root of this problem. The problem is file corruption, particularly in the QB installation file. Defective Microsoft components may cause errors.

Q.2: How does error 3371 result from a damaged MSXML Component?

A: Microsoft provides MSXML, a key component. For QB desktop to function correctly, it must be on your system. This component simplifies the information that QuickBooks Desktop must locate in the QBregistration.dat file in order to launch QB. This accounting program might be tough to use if it malfunctions.

Q.3: How does my antivirus program effect QuickBooks problem 3371?

A: Windows versions older than XP or anti-virus software may have quarantined some QuickBooks Desktop files. This may then result in error 3371.